What to expect, when? New Parental Guidance

1123675-0Last month saw the publication of a new document for parents in order to support their child’s learning in the EYFS. What to expect, when? is a great tool for you to be able to see what your child should be learning at nursery and most importantly informs you how to help them at home. However, please don’t think that the information in there is new to those of us in early years and that we haven’t been sharing it! We have been working with this framework for a few years now and send out our own information in our Parent Guide I don’t think it was meant to be a secret from parents but obviously the government have thought that it was, hence this publication.

If the new publication was a bit shorter than 36 pages then we might be able to print one out for every parent but as this would cost us around £500 in total we are offering it here as a download !

Alternatively you can purchase a  printed copy for £2.99 direct from 4 Children or through us with our discounted member rate of £2.40 each (or less if we build a bulk order) + share in any delivery costs. Contact us and leave us your information to do this and we will let you know to final cost.


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