Ten Top Tips for Choosing a Nursery

Ten Top Tips for Choosing a Nursery Interested in choosing a nursery for your child?

Unsure of choosing a nursery that will provide the best environment for your child?

We’ve all been in that position, so why not consider these 10 top tips for choosing a nursery

Top Tips 1 – 5

1. When choosing a nursery first check that the nursery you choose is registered with Ofsted. (The registration certificate will be displayed along with a current certificate of insurance.) and ask to see the most recent Ofsted report- this details the quality of nursery education and care as well as the appropriateness of the equipment and facilities

2. Visit the nursery and consider the following when choosing a nursery:-

  • Does the Nursery have an established history, how experienced are they in childcare.
  • Do you receive a warm welcome.
  • Does the atmosphere feel ‘homely’.
  • Is there a safe, stimulating & regularly used outside play area.
  • Does the interior appear bright, attractive, clean, well decorated, warm and light.
  • Is the equipment good quality, clean, safe and age appropriate.
  • What are the parking facilities like, are they on the street or on-site.

3. Is there food fresh and is it also prepared daily? Can they cater for special diets? Are the menus varied as well as nutritional?

4. Look at the children in the nursery, do they appear to be happy and also well occupied? Are the children using a variety of equipment & are the staff involved? What are the ratios for caring for your child?

5. Are the staff happy, relaxed, well presented, calm and confident? What are the qualifications & stability of the staff and also are they all trained in Paediatric First Aid, DBS checked & reference checked? Who is in charge? What experience in childcare and also what qualifications does that person have?

Top Tips 6 – 10

6. Do parents and staff work in partnership recording your child’s activities as well as achievements? Will your child be attached to a key person who will be your main contact and will also keep you informed? Do they regularly use Customer feedback forms to make sure Parents & children are happy with their care?

7. What will the charge be? What does this include?

8. What provision is there for activities, potty training, emergency procedures, discipline & other nursery policies?

9. Have you & your child enjoyed your visit? Have you been offered a visit as well as a trial sessions to settle your child into Nursery?

10. Speak to friends and family when choosing a nursery – personal recommendations are an excellent start. If possible look at thank you notes as well as the testimonials on websites.

These are our top tips for choosing a nursery