Wigwam Holiday Club

Wigwam Holiday Club Wigwam Holiday Club Half Term – October 2021

Bright Kids Half Term Activity Club is running this October in order to support parent needs during the School Holidays. We will offer warm, safe, stimulating and creative environment during the half term holiday (all risk assessed). The youngest age we accept for our holiday clubs is 4.

Parents can be confident that we will be implementing the same stringent measures in our Holiday Club as we have been doing in our nurseries throughout lockdown. We will continue our care using the same philosophies of learning through play.

Activities are planned to meet both developmental and individual needs of the children and include arts & crafts, sport, music, stories, reading and physical play, all socially distanced as necessary. Children will also have the opportunity to improve their computer competence with our PC and its regularly updated software.

During each day there will be time for both indoor and outdoor play and refreshments will be served at regular intervals. If hot or packed lunches are required, these can be bought for £3.00 per day.

Holiday Club Details

Opening Dates: Monday 25th October 2021 to Friday, 29th October 2021
Prices: Standard Day (8-5.00pm) £24.00 per day, £120.00 per week
Lunch: £3.00 per day

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Club Main Theme


“Houston we have a Wigwam”. Join us for our October voyage into the great unknown expanse of Space. We’ll traverse the planets with paper plate orbiters and delicious asteroid cake pops. On our voyage we’ll discover new constellations in the Milky Way with our constellations gift cards. All of our voyage will be documented in our sensory space shuttle experience. On our rocky return to earth we’ll make repairs on our recycled space shuttles before we discover the Aliens that have escaped Area 51!

*** Please bring in spare clothes every day – it could get very wet and messy on some days!!

Plenty of Outdoor Play and Outdoor Activities will be available weather permitting! (Spare clothes are needed throughout the week including suitable coats).
Existing club activities will also be available during this time so your child can still practice their computer skills or play board games if they wish.

In order to secure your place at any of our school holiday clubs you will need to complete a Registration Form and request your sessions. We will then contact you to confirm school holiday Club availability and start dates.

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