Matchborough Holiday Club (being run at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross)

Matchborough Holiday Club Matchborough Holiday Club Summer 2019 is being run at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross Nursery

School holidays can be difficult for busy, working parents, so our Matchborough Holiday Club (being run at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross Nursery) is the perfect solution for children 4-11 years.

The clubs offer a fantastic range of exciting activities, day trips around the region and creative play during all the school holidays. This is a very popular club with working parents who can leave the children here while they go to work.

Matchborough Holiday Club Details

Opening Dates:  Monday, 22nd July to Wednesday, 4th September 2019(Also cover Teacher Training Days)

Prices: Standard Day (8-5.30pm) £26.00 per day, £120.00 for a whole week

Full Day (7:30-6pm) £29.00 per day, £130.00 for a whole week

Hot Lunch: £2.50 per day, £12.50 per week

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Matchborough Holiday Club Main Themes

Main Themes

Our main themes will be:

Week 1 This week’s theme is Sport. Keep fit and healthy by taking part in team games, fitness and dancing DVDs, yoga, fencing, rounders and gymnastics.  Do stretching exercises. Design a Winners Trophy.

Week 2** This week’s theme is Art & Craft. Have fun creating self portraits for our paper plate collage. Get creative using playdough to design and create different items. Use various items for Junk Modelling.  Make your own friendship bracelets

Week 3 This week’s theme is Games. Using a selection of board games including Cluedo make your own clues and  footprints in the soil trails and use a variety of items to find them i.e. magnifying glass..  Join in Team Building games to make your own den.

Week 4* This week is our Cooking week. Make your own Mocktails and create healthy eating recipes galore – best flavours win!  Create our own cookbook .  Design a chef’s hat and take part in a bake-off – prize for the winners.

Week 5 This week’s theme is Mythical Beasts. Design our own mythical beasts such as dragons, mermaids, unicorns and ogres.  Create our own story around these mythical beasts. Design a quiz about these creatures.

Week 6 This week is Construction! Using a variety of materials such as clay, mod rock and junk modelling to make different structures.  Create a building structure with Lego.  Make and design a blue print Lego tower.  Have fun with mask making.

Week 7 This week is Mix it Up week – the children will be making all the choices of what activities we do over these days!

*Old/spare clothes required for this activity

**Various items needed to make junk models

Please note no tablets or mobile phones to be brought in.  Please supply suncream and hats for hotter weather.

Plenty of Outdoor Play and Outdoor Activities will be available weather permitting! (Spare clothes are needed throughout the week preferably waterproofs and wellies).

Existing club activities will also be available during this time so your child can still practice their computer skills or play board games if they wish. We plan to try to visit the local parks and other facilities, numbers allowing.

In order to secure your place at any of our school holiday clubs you will need to complete a Registration Form and request your sessions. We will then contact you to confirm school holiday Club availability and start dates.

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