Matchborough Holiday Club (being run at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross)

Matchborough Holiday Club Matchborough Holiday Club Summer 2018 is being run at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross Nursery

School holidays can be difficult for busy, working parents, so our Matchborough Holiday Club (being run at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross Nursery) is the perfect solution for children 4-11 years.

The clubs offer a fantastic range of exciting activities, day trips around the region and creative play during all the school holidays. This is a very popular club with working parents who can leave the children here while they go to work.

Matchborough Holiday Club Details

Opening Dates:  Monday, 23rd July to 4th September 2018 (Also cover Teacher Training Days)

Prices: Standard Day (8-5.30pm) £25.00 per day, £115.00 for a whole week

Full Day (7:30-6pm) £28.00 per day, £125.00 for a whole week

Hot Lunch: £2.50 per day, £12.50 per week

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Matchborough Holiday Club Main Themes

Our main themes for the weeks are:

Week 1 This week’s theme is Cooking. Using various ingredients we will be making cheese straws, herby garlic bread, soup, toasties and other tasty treats. Children to invent different recipes, tastes etc. Prizes given for ‘Chef of the Week’!

Week 2 This week’s theme is Sport. Keep fit and healthy by taking part in various field games –including football, keep fit, yoga and obstacle courses – prizes given for the winners. Talk about how the heart works while doing physical exercise.

Week 3* This week’s theme is Messy Play. Time to get creative using lots of different smells, textures, colours etc. Have fun making slime, playdough and corn silk. Get messy with mud play. Make our own papier-mâché  to create and make various items.

Week 4 This week is our Talent Show Week! We will be bringing in different people to showcase their various skills and talents to the children.  Use our design skills to create a sport event and medals for our Skills Day.  Take part in a Dance Show and join in lots of physical activities both indoors and outdoors.

Week 5** This week’s theme is Transport.   Talk about the importance of Road Safety.  Using our imagination and various materials make junk models of different types of transport – something that floats, something on wheels and something that flies. Have fun creating and making a hot air balloon model.

Week 6 This week’s theme is Animals. Have fun designing and creating animal masks using a variety of different materials. A visit from the Animal Man is planned (to be confirmed).  Going on a bug hunt and creating an interest in the outdoor environment. Learning how to care for bugs – look at how a bug hotel works.

Existing club activities will also be available during this time so your child can still practice their computer skills or play board games if they wish. We plan to try to visit the local parks and other facilities, numbers allowing.

In order to secure your place at any of our school holiday clubs you will need to complete a Registration Form and request your sessions. We will then contact you to confirm school holiday Club availability and start dates.

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