Bright Kids Wraparound Care

Wraparound CareBright Kids offers both full day care and funded nursery education to all children aged from 3 to 5 years. Our nurseries have close links to local schools. This allows us to share experiences and ensure children are ready for school when they leave us. We offer the same educational opportunities under the EYFS as other providers on a staff ratio of 1 to 8. We understand that some parents wish to use local pre-school or school nurseries, we can support this with Wraparound Care.

What is Wraparound Care?

‘Wraparound care’ is most usually referred to as childcare that wraps around a child’s Nursery Education. It is offered before or after the funded sessions and allows parents and carers to extend their children’s hours. It can also enable parents complete training or take part in other interests and activities, knowing their child is able to be cared for safely.

Wraparound care needs to be mindful of children’s emotional needs. It may take place at a different location to their nursery education is not suitable for all children. Children’s emotional feelings must be positively reinforced throughout their early years in order to help them develop a high self-esteem which supports their lifelong learning.

Does Wraparound Care work for every child?

Experience tells us wraparound care does not work for every child or where the ‘wraparound caring time’ is too short. Also wraparound care may not work if the ‘wraparound caring time’ is too disjointed. As we believe that the emotional needs of young children are paramount we stipulate for wraparound to work at Bright Kids a minimum attendance of 3-4 consecutive hours at least twice per week is required to ensure children in our care can build their emotionally security. It is essential to us that when a child attends our nursery they have enough time to allow them the opportunity to experience the wide variety of activities on offer and build up strong secure relationships with their carers and other children.

We do of course naturally offer our own ‘Wraparound Care’ for all children attending our nurseries. We have a series of fee scales on offer. Depending on your requirements so we can work with you to ensure an affordable option is found.

How does Wrap around Care work?

If you feel your child is one that is able to thrive within a wraparound scheme with an alternative early years provision then we are happy to discuss with you the practicalities of this. We are able to offer drop off and collection at a limited number of other early years settings and local authority nursery schools such as Studley Infants and will be happy to talk through with you your choices and our costs for the wraparound care, collection and/or delivery. Your Nursery Manager will be able to help you with this.