Our Ethos

Bright Kids Vision:

“to be your first choice provider for childcare”


Bright Kids Mission:

“to create a unique sense of belonging that helps children and adults explore and experience the awe and wonder of the world”


Bright Kids Quality Values:


We enjoy our jobs and come to work to inspire the children

  • Our environments provide children with fun and excitement in their learning
  • We inspire awe and wonder in children to develop their passion for learning
  • We teach our children with enthusiasm
  • We provide opportunities for children to explore and experience the wonder of the world using our creativity and imagination
  • We value and care for our children, their families and our colleagues


We are a strong and highly effective team

  • We are supportive and kind to our colleagues
  • We look after ourselves through:
    • achieving good physical health
    • understanding and maintaining our own good mental health
    • being emotionally aware and resilient
    • supporting our own and others well-being
  • We have work-life balance
  • We celebrate our successes and achievements
  • We work as a team


We look after children brilliantly with obsessive attention to detail

  • We respect and support our families
  • We provide the best possible start in life for our children
  • We have high aspirations for our children and their families
  • We go the extra mile for our children and families and are excellent role-models
  • We are the best childcare provider that we can be


We operate professionally at all times

  • We communicate effectively and respectfully using facts
  • We support team members daily through clear management structures
  • We support team members professional development through our various management systems
  • We are fully inclusive of the diversity within our world

We guarantee children’s happiness, growth and development