Crabbs Cross Holiday Club

Crabbs Cross Holiday ClubCrabbs Cross Holiday Club May 2018

School holidays can be difficult for busy, working parents, so our Crabbs Cross Holiday Club is the perfect solution for children 4-11 years. The clubs offer a fantastic range of exciting activities, day trips around the region and creative play during all the school holidays. This is a very popular club with working parents who can leave the children here while they go to work.

Crabbs Cross Holiday Club Details

Opening Dates:  Tuesday, 29th May to Friday, 1st June 2018 (Also cover Teacher Training Days)


Prices: Standard Day (8-5.30pm) £25.00 per day, £115.00 for a whole week

Full Day (7:30-6pm) £28.00 per day, £125.00 for a whole week

Hot Lunch: £2.50 per day, £12.50 per week

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Crabbs Cross Holiday Club Main Theme

Our main theme for the week is:

Around the World

With Around the World as our theme this week our activities will include:

  1. Egypt – use our art and craft skills to make a pyramid and Egyptian flag. Make a rice pudding using rose water
  2. Poland – look at the Polish flag and traditional dress. Tickle our taste buds with Polish meats and potatoes.
  3. India – look at the Indian art form of henna and the various designs. Use our cooking skills to make a vegetable curry.
  4. China – look at different Chinese traditions including Samurai. Have fun with Chinese wordsearch and quiz. Chinese food tasting with Egg Fried Rice.

Existing club activities will also be available during this time so your child can still practice their computer skills or play board games if they wish. We plan to try to visit the local parks and other facilities, numbers allowing.

In order to secure your place at any of our school holiday clubs you will need to complete a Registration Form and request your sessions. We will then contact you to confirm school holiday Club availability and start dates.

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