3 Years Plus

Pre-School Education (3 years plus)

Our Investigators 3 Years Plus

‘Our Investigators’ are using rooms with a special design for children aged 3 years plus. This ensures that we provide a brighter education for your child.

These pre-school rooms are dedicated learning environments with extended learning through play which now includes additional planning for the specific areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage, as we further develop our under fives in preparation for school, where they will reach their Early Learning Goals. We encourage and provide Letters, phonics, numbers and words, pre-writing skills, number work, mathematical skills, messy play, art and craft activities, sand and water play, simple baking, wood play as well as plenty of outdoor activity to support their school readiness, whilst not forgetting their need to enjoy what they are doing. Forest School learning is also in place in many of the nurseries.

Hence, when your child is ready to start school, they will be on a par with their peers. Our philosophy is to promote “learning through play”. Research has proven this to be the best way of developing children in all areas of their learning. The effects of school life on children who are too young is been well documented and our type of philosophy will encourage our children to be life-long independent learners.

We plan activities individually around children’s own interests and needs. We are inspected by Ofsted to ensure the quality of our education is effective in its delivery.

Naturally, we provide plenty of valuable information on progress in all these areas. Your child’s Learning Journal is available electronically showing our assessment of your child’s current development. We encourage all parents to feed in their own experiences outside of nursery as well. We prepare information which we pass on to your chosen school when the time comes.