Animals make a bee-line for two Bright Kids nurseries

media-2 Children saw their nursery turned into a mini zoo when animals ranging from owls and rabbits to lizards and snakes descended for a day. Youngsters at two Bright Kids nurseries enjoyed a visit from Animals in Hands when they were able to get up close and hold a selection of animals. At the Northfield setting staff used the visit as a chance to celebrate World Animal Day and find out more about their furry and scaly friends.

media-11 Deputy Manager Kerrie McCaffery said: “The visit from the animal man tied in well with out pre-school theme of learning about animals.

We celebrated World Animal Day as well, where we did lots of role play as animals, drew pictures and read books about animals.

The children really enjoyed their afternoon with Mo, the animal man from Animals in Hands, he brought a variety of animals from spiders to fluffy bunnies. All the children had the opportunity to hold or stroke the animals if they chose to.

The children all have an observation on their Tapestry file so the parents could have a look and comment.”

mediaAt the Crabbs Cross setting the visit was given a spooky theme as youngsters enjoyed a Halloween-themed visit from Animals in Hands. Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader, said Mo the animal man delighted staff, children and parents with his range of creatures. “We had a wonderful day when everyone involved enjoyed making magic spells and stirring the witches cauldron,” she said. “The children enjoyed pretending that the plastic animals that we put into the cauldron turned into real ones.

All of the children in Shining Lights made beautiful pictures for Mo to thank him for such a wonderful afternoon.”


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