Teddy Bears Picnic in Northfield

Children at Bright Kids Northfield had a Teddy Bears picnic on Wednesday 16th July.

Nursery Manager Janette Moran said: “We would like to thank everyone who supported us in raising £90 to put towards our Christmas bazzar. The children had a lovely picnic with their teddies and enjoyed making their picnic spread.”

Pictured are:  Mason Whitehouse 4, Aiden Dodd aged 3, George Brooke aged 4, Benjamin Wright aged 3, Alfie Turner aged 4, Jaiyden Jennings aged 4, Mellisa Morris aged 4, Harvey Eaves aged 3, Theo Lacey aged 4, Harvey Firth aged 4, Trinity Glasford aged 3, Grace Lynch aged 4, Layla Coates aged 4, Peri-Ay Larmond aged 3, Sophie Morris aged 3, Lewis Conlon aged 4, Ivy Heighton-Dunseith aged 3, Saba Ansari aged 3, Rianna Rashid aged 4.

 Teddy Bears Picnic in Northfield

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