Smiles All Round at Nursery

There were a lot of happy faces at one nursery in Redditch when youngsters put on their best grins to celebrate World Smile Day. Children at the Bright Kids Nursery in Crabbs Cross took part in a range of activities to mark the day, which is celebrated across the globe. The preschool children baked biscuits, which had Smarties faces and strawberry laces for hair, and pizza faces with big smiles on them made using a range of food items.

Mollie Jackson and Harry Cullwick, both aged 3, show off their smiles.
Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader, said the children also took part in an interesting discussion about what makes them happy. “We had some lovely answers,” said Katie. “One child said that feeling their Mummy picking them up makes them happy, another said that cuddling their bunny makes them smile. It was lovely having a think about what made us happy – the children really enjoyed the day.”

World Smile Day was created by Harvey Ball, the commercial artist who created the famous smiley face symbol in 1963. However, in 1999 Harvey felt that the smiley face had lost its meaning due to over-commercialization and he decided to set up a day devoted to smiles and kind acts. Word Smile Day has taken place every October since then.

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