More Mother’s Day celebrations at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross

After the success earlier this week of the Sunbeams mums and grandmas craft morning, the pre-school aged children invited their own mothers and nans along to enjoy a range of fun activities.

As with earlier in the week, there was an excellent turnout as loved ones joined the children to bake, draw, paint, play and plant!

CC preschool 1

Laila West aged 4, and her mum Hayley get arty together

CC preschool 2

Sharon Hancox admires her three-year-old grandson Jacob Brooks’ painting skills

CC preschool 3

Victoria Bate shares her planting expertise with her son Logan, aged four

CC preschool 4

Hannah Price and her son Jack, aged three, have fun outside in the garden
CC preschool 5

Harry Swan, aged three, and his mum Natalie have fun playing outside
Natalie Swan

Once again, we’d like to say thank you to all the proud mums and grandmothers who joined us!

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