First Aid training gets a thumbs up at Bright Kids Studley

First Aid training Gemma ReaBright Kids Studley provided vital First Aid training to local residents this week to ensure that they are able to act confidently and quickly in an emergency.

Gemma Rea, parent and Bright Kids representative, and Lisa Lynch practice the techniques

The nursery, based on The Slough, hosted the training session to ensure that parents of children at the nursery were able to keep their cool and handle everything from childhood illnesses to infant CPR should an emergency arise.

Tina Davis, manager, added: “The response from our parents was very positive, the course has been a very useful service to provide up-to-date advice on how best to respond in an emergency and to improve confidence.

First Aid training Lisa LynchThe session was provided free of charge by MBK Training, a local company specialising in early years training, though participants were asked to make donations to Ethan’s Safe Space.

MBK Training is offering other early years settings and childminder groups the same free training for their parents if one or more places are booked onto their next Paediatric First Aid course starting 23rd June, providing bookings are made in CAPT week (Child Accident Prevention Trust) which ends 7th June. See for terms and conditions.

For further information on Ethans Safe Space, visit and for CAPT resources visit

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