Early Years Fairer Funding Review

We are asking for support for our campaign for fairer funding from all of our parents – whose large voice can help our campaign enormously, and ultimately help the children we care for and our staff teams.

The Change.org campaign is to correct the discrepancies in the Early Years funding during the fundinSam Gyimah 2g review in July.  We are asking for a review which secures a fair amount of money for all providers across the country, allowing them to deliver the quality care that children deserve. For this to be the case we require resolution to two important considerations:

a) A national funding formula that rids the industry of historical inaccuracies that result in some children receiving as little as 38% the amount of children in other areas of the country.

b) Legislation that means funding is distributed wholly & equitably to all providers within the local authorities. Currently some local authorities retain as much as 50% of the money received for the children’s early education and pay as much as 75% more for children in certain school settings.

We go into all the necessary details on the Change.org site, so head on over to have a look.  We hope you agree with what we are saying and also that you take the time to sign the petition.

Fairer  funding gives your child better paid professionals and an even better quality of care…

You can find our sources of information here:

DSG Guaranteed Units of Resource Data

Counting the Cost Report

NDNA National Nursery Survey 2015


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