Crabbs Cross Fundraiser Helps Local Homeless Folk

Representatives from the Basement Project – a drop-in centre and outreach support for young people in and around North Worcestershire who are homeless or facing homelessness – dropped into BK Crabbs Cross on Friday 3rd October to collect food donations kindly collected from parents and staff.

Lance Crabb, who works for the organisation, popped in to thank everyone at Crabbs Cross and to talk to the children about homelessness.

Lance said: “The Basement Project supports young people aged 16-25 with any needs in regards to independent living. We are a homeless charity that offers food parcels, workshops and support for our clients. We will always go the extra mile for a young person in need. A big thank you to Bright Kids for your kind donations.”

Pictured are (L-R): Jacob Brooks (3), Theresa Hill (3) Lance Crabb, Team Leader Basement Drop In, Alison Hill, Senior Nursery Nurse, Logan Bate (3) and Grace Elvins (3). Lance and Alison Hill and Lance talking to the children about their own living environments, who they live with and the foods they eat with their families, Joseph Breen (2), Theresa Hill (3), Jacob Brooks (3), Brandon Whitehouse (3), Jacob Streeter (3), Joseph Ryan (3), Rebekah Dicken (3), Hope Wootton (3) and Grace Elvins (3).


Basement1 Basement2 Basement3

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