Marking St David’s Day at Bright Kids Studley

Tots at Bright Kids Studley will be creating dragon masks and making flags as they celebrate St david's Day next Tuesday. The children will mark the event on March 1st by embracing all things Welsh, cooking traditional food, making observational drawings of daffodils and marking dragon masks to celebrate. … [Read more...]

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble… at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross

Eye of newt and wing of bat, who's that in a witches' hat? There will be ghoulish and ghostly goings-on at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross this week as holiday club, Sunbeams and Shining Lights youngsters mark Hallowe'en. The nursery will host three parties on Friday for Sunbeams and Shining Lights, the holiday club and the baby floor, supervising youngsters as they carve pumpkins, overseeing messy play games and cooking a host of spooky, tasty … [Read more...]