Spooky fun at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross

Children at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross got into the spooky spirit of Hallowe’en last month with la themed party..

Youngsters of all ages dressed up as a host of creepy characters and enjoyed a range of activities, from playing spooky pass the parcel to carving pumpkins and trying their hands at themed arts and crafts.


Laila West and Rebekah Dicken, both 4, carve pumpkins at the Bright Kids Hallowe’en Party


Max Newey, 4, of Shining Lights gets creative in the spooky craft session



Amelie Ames, aged 7, dressed for the occasion!




Sunbeams children Harry Swann, Ashleigh Bott, Jay Colvin, Lily Logan and Reegan Hughes, all aged 2, enjoyed a game of spooky pass the parcel…


Jacob Wilson, aged 3, preparing marshmallow lollipops



20-month-old Mollie Jackson enjoys a game of pass the parcel



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