Special wreath for St Laurence Church

Maisie Jenkins, aged 4, places the wreath at St Laurence Church in Northfield.
A church in Northfield has thanked youngsters and staff at a Bright Kids nursery for their handmade wreath of poppies. Children at the setting on Norman Road in Northfield had been busy making the wreath to remember the soldiers who had fought during the different wars. With the help of staff youngsters made their own poppies out of paper and then decorated the wreath with glitter and tissue paper.

Manager Janette Moran said the children had understood the importance of Remembrance Day and they enjoyed their visit to the church. “Going to the church was the right thing to do as the children did get the gist of what Remembrance Day was about,” she said. “Even our two-year-olds understood that the soldiers had done a brave job, so we decided to take the poppy wreath around to the church. Going to the church not only gives the children that bit of physical activity and gets them out, but it was a trip that was for something meaningful.”

poppy-day-3The children put a message on the wreath thanking the soldiers that fought for us during the wars. “We were so happy when St Laurence sent a message through to us saying it was nice to see the wreath on their display board, and they thanked us for it,” added Janette. “Some of the children watched the TV on Sunday and saw the Queen, the Prime Minister and others laying wreaths at the Cenotaph in London and they know they have been a part of that.”

On Sunday the Queen was joined by Prime Minister Theresa May for the annual service in central London. More than 750 Armed Forces personnel were applauded by the large crowd as they marched to form a square around the memorial.

Across the country thousands of poppy wreaths have been placed at memorials to mark Remembrance Day and to remember those who fought in past and present conflicts.

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