Special Mementos Made for Mother’s Day

Children at the three Bright Kids nurseries have been getting creative and making special mementos for Mother’s Day. At the Studley setting the children produced different gifts to give to mums, grandmas and aunties, to show them just how much they are loved. Tina Davis, deputy manager at the nursery said: “The children created some lovely gifts for their mums – and each age group produced a different gift. So, the younger ones made a love sign, then the sunbeams decorated porcelain teaspoon holders and the older children produced some fantastic shoulder bags. We have had some great feedback from parents, who have said they love the items the children made for them.”

At the Northfield setting youngsters were getting handy with some paint to make a special keepsake for their mums. Nursery nurse Beth Humpage said: “The children in Sunbeams made some hand-painted canvases. Then we put a poem on to the canvas, and attached some string on the back so it could be hung from the wall.” The poem was: ‘You wash my finger prints from the wall, I haven’t yet learnt to be careful in play, But here is a print that you will want to keep, I made it specially for you for Mother’s Day.’

At the Crabbs Cross setting the children enjoyed welcoming in their mums, grandmas and aunties for a craft morning. Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader, said: “Our craft morning went really well and we had a lot of parents turn up to take part in the activities. The children and their parents were given some wall tiles, which they did a fantastic job of decorating. They then went outside and put some plants in the garden and decorated plant pots. The children were thrilled to have their mums, grandmas and aunties at nursery with them and enjoyed involving them in the different activities.”

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