A Sparkling Season at the Studley Setting

Sparkling decorations and exciting parties have lit up the Bright Kids nursery in Studley throughout the festive season. The children have all enjoyed parties, which included a visit from Father Christmas where every child received a present. There were also party games, including pass the parcel and music statues, and a range of delicious party food was on offer for all to enjoy. However, children have also learnt the important story about why we celebrate Christmas, and what happened in Bethlehem over two thousands years ago when Jesus was born.

Charmaine Leach, manager at the nursery, said the children enjoyed getting involved in the Christmas celebrations. “We have lots of Christmas decorations up in the nursery, and the children helped us to decorate,” she said. “They have been busy making some beautiful cards and calendars, which they have taken home, as well as sparkling decorations, which have gone up in the nursery. We have had a lot of fun and the children and parents have all enjoyed getting involved in helping to make it an exciting Christmas. The Shining Lights’ Carol and Craft Morning was hugely successful and saw many parents, grandparents and other family members join us.”

Charmaine said that the staff at the nursery talk to the children about Christmas and the reason why we celebrate it. “A lot of the children know about the birth of Jesus and that Christmas is a celebration of that,” she said. “It is good to celebrate different festivals throughout the year and Christmas is an important one, but the meaning behind it can be over-looked in the excitement of presents, Father Christmas and parties.”

The nursery has had a busy week preparing for Christmas and putting on extra activities for children attending the holiday club. Charmaine said: “School holidays can be a difficult time for working parents and our club enables them to leave their children here in a safe, happy environment while they go to work.” The popular club is a great solution for children aged four to 11 years old and it has been running this week with youngsters enjoying a range of exciting activities and creative play. These have included using their creative skills to design and make a winter display, having fun with winter sensory play and learning about how Christmas started.

The children have also been putting their cooking skills to good use making and decorating mince pies and other edible festive foods. They also enjoyed Christmas games and had a festive party. Charmaine added: “As the week comes to an end we are preparing to wind down the nursery and close for a few days, re-opening again on January 3rd when we will be providing the holiday club for those children that won’t be back at school yet. On that last day of holiday club we will talk to the children about what they did over the holidays, we will then speak to them about New Year resolutions and have fun creating a finger print tree.”

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