Rhyme Time for Crabbs Cross children

Taking part in Nursery Rhyme Week are Millie (4) Daniel (3) and Logan (3).
Nursery rhymes including Doctor Foster and Baa Baa Black Sheep led to a number of exciting activities at one Bright Kids nursery. Children at the Crabbs Cross setting enjoyed a week of rhyming to celebrate World Nursery Rhyme Week. They looked at a different rhyme each day, which included Incy Wincy Spider, Two Little Dicky Birds and Hey Diddle Diddle, and enjoyed putting their creative skills into action. Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader, said on the first day they had looked at the nursery rhyme Doctor Foster.

For the Doctor Foster rhyme we made rain makers out of toilet rolls and lentils and on the next day we made spiders out of pipe cleaners for Incy Wincy Spider,” said Katie. “Then for Baa Baa Black Sheep we did some bubble painting using soapy water and then we did collage painting for Two Little Dicky Birds.” On the last day the children looked at Hey Diddle Diddle when they talked about the moon, and the rare Supermoon. The nursery rhyme also sparked a discussion about circles and farm animals. Nursery rhymes are important in early childhood as they help children master key skills such as language and communication. They are also great for boosting social, physical and emotional skills.

A table filled with activities from Nursery Rhyme Week.
Katie said: “Nursery Rhyme Week is a national event and we thought it would be great for the children to take part. They enjoy nursery rhymes and we believe their importance shouldn’t be overlooked in early years development. Every day at the nursery we see how children benefit from singing and playing along to the simplest of rhymes.” Katie said they regularly do the usual nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle, and so it was good to explore some other nursery rhymes that the children don’t hear very often. She added: “It was great for the children to do activities relating to the rhymes as it really brought them to life. Also, with Two Little Dickie Birds and Baa Baa Black Sheep they involve numbers, so they are great for helping the children to learn.”

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