Parents’ evening plans in place

Forget the stuffy parents’ evenings you remember from your childhood – Bright Kids nurseries like to put a fun spin on the event.

All three nurseries are working on a summer theme for their parents’ evenings with tasty food, games and fun activities.

At the Studley setting the event takes place on July 7th and Northfield and Crabbs Cross have their events on July 14th.

Anita Shepherd, manager at the Crabbs Cross nursery, said for some of the parents it is their last evening with staff before their child starts school.

“The parents’ evenings are usually really popular and this year they will be able to enjoy a barbecue as they find out about their child’s progress,” she said.

“Parents are now booking time slots with their child’s key person.

“Already we have had some lovely comments from parents about how their child is ready for school.”

Studley manager Charmaine Leach said they enjoy welcoming all the parents into the nursery.

“It is our chance to have a good talk with parents, give them the end of year reports and hand over their child’s art work,” she said.

Northfield’s deputy manager Kerrie McCaffery added: “We’ve enjoyed thinking about the summer theme for this year’s event and children will be kept entertained with activities and bowls of fruit salad.

“We use the online learning journal, Tapestry, and parents will be able to look at this and to have a report of their child’s progress. The parents usually find it a relaxed, but very useful and informative evening.”



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