Novelty Christmas Knits Raise Funds for Charity

Pictured in their festive knits are Chloe Carrabin Aged 4, Ellie Walker Aged 3, Lorraine Ashford Deputy Manager, Thomas Bennett Aged 3 and Jessica Moss Aged 2
Winter woollies were out in force at a Bright Kids nursery when staff and children donned their jolly jumpers to raise money for charity. Christmas Jumper Day saw some colourful cardigans and party pullovers out in force as the Crabbs Cross setting raised funds for Save the Children. The national event always falls in December and Lorraine Ashford, deputy manager at the nursery, said the event isn’t just for fun, but teaches the children an important lesson at Christmas time. “On the day we did some festive-themed activities, but Christmas Jumper Day is about raising money for charity, and it reminds the children to think of those less fortunate than themselves at this time of year,” she said. “At Christmas time we talk to the children about how Mary and Joseph needed help when they travelled to Bethlehem. Even though there were no rooms available a kindly innkeeper offered them the only space available – the stable. The innkeeper did not have to offer them anything, but he did. Because of his kindness, a beautiful story unfolded.”

Christmas Jumper Day started in 2012 as a fun way to help boost funds for the charity just before all the festivities start, and due to it’s success it has become an annual tradition. Save the Children work in the UK and around the world to help give children everywhere a healthy start in life as well as the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. They will do whatever it takes to help children – whether it is every day or in times of crisis – to transform their lives. In 2015, the charity helped 2.6 million children through their emergency responses in places such as Yemen, Syria and Aleppo, along with Nigeria, Iraq and Haiti after Hurricane Matthew hit. In the UK they work in homes, nurseries and schools to support a child’s learning and to help them achieve their full potential. Lorraine added: “It is a fantastic charity to support and it is good to know that the funds we raised will help them continue with the good work they do.”

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