Love Is In The Air At Three Bright Kids Nurseries

Hearts and flowers are filling the three Bright Kids nurseries as children put their creative skills into action to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Youngsters at the settings in Crabbs Cross, Studley and Northfield are enjoying a range of activities today to celebrate the annual event, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day. At the Crabbs Cross setting children across the different rooms have been busy baking, and making cards to take home to their parents and carers.

Katie Buckley, deputy manager and pre-school leader at the nursery, said: “This morning children in Sunbeams have been busy making delicious red velvet cakes and this afternoon Shining Lights are making love heart biscuits to take home. The children have also been busy making cards for those who are special to them, biscuits with coloured sprinkles on them, and have been keen to eat them as they look so tasty.” Children at the Crabbs Cross setting have also been enjoying some sensory play, based on the theme of Valentine’s Day. Katie added: “They have enjoyed playing with pink play dough and the heart-shaped cutters, and doing sensory play which has involved a tray filled with a range of items including petals, coloured rice and plastic love hearts.”

At the Studley setting they have also been making items to take home, and getting creative in the kitchen. Jess Bolstridge, senior nursery nurse said: “Upstairs in the baby room we have been making collages and creating cards using their hand prints. They have also been making pink chocolate wafer biscuits, which have been enjoyed by all the little ones. The Sunbeams have been having a lot of fun doing glitter and water play, and they have made love heart biscuits, which they have really enjoyed – it has been a very popular activity.”

At the Northfield setting the children have been very productive today making cards and gifts to take home. Manager Jeanette Moran said: “The children have been making little hearts to take home to their parents. Some children have made cards, while others have made a picture. Others have turned their heart-shape into person, putting arms and legs on them. Whatever they have chosen to do they have all had fun and really immersed themselves into the activity.”

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