Half Term Fun for Bright Kids

Children were taking charge of their own fitness last week by picking up some personal training skills at a holiday club in Crabbs Cross. Those who took part in the half term holiday club at the Bright Kids nursery had the chance to design their own fitness class, where they came up with their own exercises and led a group. The bad weather meant planned trips to outdoor sports venues had to be cancelled, but the group had lots of fun at the setting on Evesham Road with a variety of activities aimed at keeping them fit. Faye Morris, a playworker at the nursery, said the youngsters had enjoyed taking part in the club. “One of their favourite activities was when the children became the teacher,” she said.

“They had to make up their own exercises and teach them to the other children and staff. It was good fun as we had to get into some pretty awkward positions, and everyone thought it was very funny. Because of the weather we couldn’t do a lot of the outdoor activities but we still found plenty to do indoors, including a bowling competition on the X-Box where there was a prize for the winner.” The youngsters also put their artistic skills to the test with plenty of colouring, and they created certificates and T-shirt designs on the computer. They were also encouraged to eat healthily by making smoothies and fruit salads.

Sports are great for keeping fit, but they also help children with their social skills. Football has been shown to not only boost cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength, but it also helps with teamwork and leaderships skills as well as teaching the children about fairness and discipline. While both cycling and walking help with leg strength and co-ordination, but they have also been shown to boost self-esteem, and are great for family bonding and a feeling of freedom. Faye added: “It was great to see the children using their imaginations to come up with exercises, and trying out activities they possibly hadn’t had a go at before. They were all encouraged to stay active at home and give other sports a go when they return to school.”

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