Food Fun for Harvest Festival

Pictured with Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader, are Logan Bromhead, Melody Rose Adams and Daniel Johnson, all aged 3
Youngsters at a Bright Kids Nursery are cooking up a feast this week to celebrate Harvest Festival. Children attending the preschool at the setting in Crabbs Cross are taking part in a range of activities aimed at educating them on the importance of food, and where it comes from. All children have helped to grow their own vegetables in a plot at the nursery, and these have been picked to used in the activities.

Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader said: “All this week we are doing a range of food-based craft activities and the children will also be cooking with a range of vegetables. They will have a go at chopping the vegetables up themselves and will try printing with them. We are also looking forward to making some tasty bread with the children – it will be a real celebration of harvest time. Pyjama Drama will also be in the nursery and they are looking at Harvest Festival at the moment, focussing on what farmers do when they are working on their farms, and so we will continue with that this week.”

Melody Rose Adams and Daniel Johnson enjoy digging up some carrots.
Harvest Festival was traditionally a time when farmers and others gave thanks for a successful harvest. The annual festival coincides with the Harvest moon, the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox. Harvest Festival in Britain is usually celebrated on the Sunday nearest to this date. This year the autumn equinox was on Thursday, September 22 but many people celebrate harvest festival throughout the month

Katie said: “One of our themes is that we are talking to children about where their food comes from. The children have been planting their own vegetables, which includes carrots, runner beans and potatoes. It is important for them to know the life-cycle of their food as, when you ask them, it is not unusual for a child to think their food comes from the supermarket.”

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