Flippin’ Fun at Bright Kids Nurseries

Pancake parties were enjoyed at the three Bright Kids nurseries where youngsters did a range of activities for Shrove Tuesday. All the children had the chance to taste the pancakes at tea time, and they enjoyed a variety of different toppings. Children at the Crabbs Cross setting had theirs with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce, those at the Studley setting had the sweet pancakes plain, while at Northfield the children enjoyed lashings of golden syrup. Staff at the nurseries said the children enjoyed the pancakes and were keen to have more.

Tina Davis, deputy manager at the Studley setting, said: “We did a pancake race, which the children thought was really good fun, and there were items in a tough tray that helped the children find out more about Shrove Tuesday. These included flour and play dough, which they used to flatten into a pancake. The children had their pancakes for tea and they were so nice and sweet we decided to have them plain – the children loved them.”

At the Crabbs Cross setting Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader, was in charge of the pancake making. “We got all the ingredients together and the children had the chance to measure it out on the weighing scales. They used play dough pancakes to learn how to flip them. The favourite topping of the day was fresh fruit and chocolate sauce and not many of the children just had one pancake – they proved to be very popular.” Bethany Humpade, senior nursery nurse at the Northfield setting added: “The children loved having the pancakes for their tea – and golden syrup was their favourite topping, they thought it was delicious.”

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