Fire safety fun at Bright Kids Studley

Children at Bright Kids Studley have been learning about fire safety with the help of the local fire service.

Children and siblings from the nursery on The Slough were visited by firemen and got to take their turn in all-important fire engine, where they explored the engine, sounded the siren and even got to use the hosepipe.

The fire service left the children with a box of resources to enhance their awareness of fire safety around Bonfire Night, ensuring that they stay safe as they enjoy public displays.


group fire pic 1

Maya Collins, 7, Rosie Fuller, 7, Lily and Lauren Shaw, 5 and 7,  Eloise Colclough, 11, Evie-Grace Masterson, 5 and Isabella Shockley, 5, were amongst the children enjoying the fire safety event at Bright Kids Studley


Charlie 2


Charlie Rogers, 1, is taught how to operate the hose.



james water hose 1

James Archer, 2 having fun using the  fire hose



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