Fee Fi Fo Fum! Bright Kids Northfield take to the stage

Shining Lights tots at Bright Kids Northfield take to the stage this week with their very first Christmas performance.

The children took to the stage to sing Little Donkey, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney and Jingle Bells to family and friends, before performing scenes from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Janette Moran, manager at the Norman Road nursery, said: “The children really enjoyed getting into the spirit of things and putting on their costumes for the performance.

“We were really impressed with how well they did. This is the first time they’ve ever got up in front of parents to sing and act, and they were real stars!”


BK Northfield JandB

L-R Effie Oikonomou as Jack’s mum, Peri-Ay Larmond as the hen, Callum McCaffery as the giant, Kyle Richardson as the old man with the beans, Harry Turner as jack and Harvey Eaves as the cow


BK Northfield jack and the beanstalk

Back L-R: Effie Oikonomou, Kyle Richardson and Harvey Eaves, front L-R Perri-Ay Larmond and Harry Turner


BK Northfield beanstalk

Children get into the spirit of the performance


BK Northfield - Katie Turner and Leo haddock

Katie Turner and Leo haddock ready for their star turns as Little Donkey and Santa

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