D Day 70th Anniversary Celebrations at Crabbs Cross

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Youngsters at Crabbs Cross helped celebrate the 70th anniversary of the D Day landings on Friday 6th June by holding a Variety of fun activities throughout the week.

They grew their own vegetables, discussed what children ate in war time and sampled some old time recipes, listened to ww2 music and created their very own ration books.

The week ended with a ww2 party where children dressed up and celebrated. They also brought photos and medals of family members that were involved in the war.

Nursery Manager Anita Shepherd said: “It has been a fantastic week. Children and staff have really enjoyed learning about their ancestors, looking at pictures of what Redditch looked like before they were born and listening to the old time music.”

Pictured are twins Tazmin and Chelsea Vaughan, aged 4, enjoying the celebrations.

Pictured are:Lorraine Ashford, Deputy Manager, Anita Shepherd, Manager, Katie Ash, Nursery Assistant, Rachel Bayliss, Nursery Nurse, Tazmin Vaughan, (3), Chelsea Vaughan, (3), Oscar Ash, (4), Eddy Logan, (3) and Theo Davies (4).


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