Curious New Approach Helps Inspire Imaginative Play for Bright Kids

There are curious changes afoot at Bright Kids Nurseries, whose staff are undertaking an accredited training programme that inspires curiosity in learning.

Bright Kids Nursery Group has been training staff at its flagship Studley setting in the ‘Curiosity Approach.’ It will also be following the ethos at its other settings in Redditch and Northfield.

The initiative was created by nursery owners Lyndsey Hellyn, of the Nest Nursery in Birmingham, and Stephanie Bennett, of Love2Learn Nursery in Leicester.

The aim is to ‘transform play spaces for children, creating environments and opportunities for curiosity, awe and wonder.’

It encourages nurseries to ditch plastic toys and bright primary colours and create natural environments, using calming pastel colours and open-ended everyday objects, such as pots, pans, wooden spoons, wheels, stones – you name it!

This encourages children to use their imaginations and explore different ways of using everyday items.

Curiosity Approach founding members, Lyndsey and Stephanie, feel that curiosity is an ‘innate drive within young children’ and they say: “Through purposeful, thoughtful environments we can inspire children to be inquisitive and creative.

“Educators can become motivated and inspired to see the world through the eyes of a child. We can create play opportunities that inspire the thinkers and doers of the future, teaching them how to think, not what to think.

“Our approach encourages the use of authentic resources, recycled materials and loose parts, allowing children to be responsible learners who delve into deeper sustained levels of thinking, problem solving, imagination and holistic development.

“Let’s bin the plastic, think outside the box and give our children the wings to fly!”

Bright Kids Owner, Tricia Wellings, said: “We are proud to embrace this innovative new approach to learning. As soon as I heard about the Curiosity Approach, I knew that is was something I wanted to bring into Bright Kids’ nurseries. We strive to provide the best possible learning environments and are always on the lookout for ways to improve and expand upon children’s learning journeys.

“I believe the Curiosity Approach will help the staff in our settings to develop children’s imaginations, social skills and sense of adventure and inspire and excite them to discover their full potential and learn through play.”

The ethos promotes curiosity, awe and wonder in early years, creating beautiful and aesthetically pleasing play spaces for children using provocations, loose parts and open-end resources.

It encourages a return to nature and nurture – back to basics with the use of wooden resources and natural play based learning.

Tricia added: “There is only so much a child can do with a plastic toy, for example a car. Its wheels turn, it drives along, it might make a noise or play a song, but ultimately, it’s a car and does what a car does.

“Curiosity Approach encourages the use of open-ended, real-life objects such as cardboard tubes, wheels, feathers, stones etc. all of which can be used in different ways, allowing children to explore in whichever direction their imagination takes them.

“We fully support the Curiosity Approach ethos and are thrilled to offer Bright Kids children this fantastic new way of learning.”

Bright Kids Nurseries prides itself on providing outstanding early years care for children aged between six weeks and 12 years and has settings in Redditch, Studley and Northfield.

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