A Crafty Christmas for Bright Kids

m_o_7925_r6qqve9qjpqjdebwtc5n3dnsw13zzy3p Parents and children put their artistic skills into action at a Christmas Workshop, organised by staff at the Bright Kids setting in Northfield. Glue, glitter, coloured paper and candles were used to make some wonderful creations including angels and Christmas trees. They also got busy in the kitchen making chocolate Christmas Puddings with marshmallows. Parents were given a Christmas Challenge where they had to go into the sensory garden and make a Christmas tree out of all the natural resources they have there.

m_o_7927_94dpr31aye7pda7cdqqzjt68tfqmhe8h Deputy Manager Kerrie McCaffery said everyone had a wonderful time. “It was lovely to see so many parents joining in and having a lovely morning with their children,” she said. “There was a lovely festive atmosphere and I think it got everyone into the Christmas spirit. The children made some decorations including snowflakes and candle holders, which they took home with them. A couple of parents said they would keep the decorations for years to come, to remember the lovely craft morning they had with their children.”

m_o_7957_4kph7f12meqdj216ahnwd9y2s7scxtz4 Parents are regularly invited along to the Northfield setting to take part in arts and crafts activities and Kerrie said they are very popular. “Parents do like to get involved in the arts and crafts workshops, it is a nice activity for them to do with their children,” she said. “They are able to relax, and enjoy the activity, without worrying about buying the right resources, or having to clean up afterwards. Parents enjoyed the Christmas challenge where they used the natural resources, including twigs and leaves, to make the trees – they really got stuck in and did a great job.

All the children got involved in the activities and enjoyed taking their crafts home with them – we look forward to our next craft session in 2017.”

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