Craft-tastic Celebrations at Crabbs Cross

Children will be getting busy with their craft making skills as they celebrate St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day. Two exciting craft mornings will be held at the Bright Kids setting in Crabbs Cross when children will be enjoying activities ranging from cooking and gardening to jewellery making and dancing. The first craft morning is on March 17th when youngsters will be learning all about Saint Patrick – the patron saint of Ireland. Katie Buckley, deputy manager and preschool leader said they have an interesting morning planned for the children.

“Staff and children will come to nursery that day dressed in green, and craft activities they can get involved in include cotton reel printing and making collages,” said Katie. “The children will also be getting involved in some traditional Irish cooking, which will include Irish bread, and making cakes with green icing on.” Katie said the children will also be listening and dancing to traditional Irish music. “We will be showing them some traditional Irish dancing and helping them to copy some of the moves – it should be really good fun,” she said. “The children will also be learning all about the Patron Saint of Ireland.”

The Mother’s Day craft morning on March 22nd will see even more fun being had with mums being invited to join in too. Activities will include decorating home-made picture frames and plant pots, as well as baking Mother’s Day biscuits and cakes. Manager Anita Shepherd said: “Mums, nans, aunts and other special females in the children’s lives will have the chance to come along and join in some of the activities. This will include making cards and pictures, as well as necklaces and bracelets. The children and their guests will be able to plant flowers, and use the Tools for Kids to make different items, including coasters that they can take home. We are sure the children and their guests will have a fun and memorable morning.”

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