Crabbs Cross children take a trip into Space!

Children at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross have been learning all about space in recent weeks.

CC Space


Youngsters have created their own solar system book and a display for the nursery after studying the different planets
using ICT.

Not only have they created planets from space dough, baked star-shaped biscuits and made their own rockets, but they’ve used their imaginations to invent their own space ship… After visiting the different planets in it, they enjoyed a picnic on the moon!

CC space 2

Archie Sheehan, aged four, and Lilly-May Fisher Moss, three, enjoy a trip to the moon


Space was also the theme for the nursery’s World Book Day activities, as they took on roles in Whatever Next?, creating cardboard box spaceships and taking trips to the moon.

CC Space 3
Jacob Streeter, aged four, Musa Zaroo, four, Austin Bennet, four, Noah Griffin, aged three, and four-year-old Ciaragh Maher decide which planet to visit in their rocket as they enjoy Whatever Next?



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