Crabbs Cross children brush up on road safety

BK community officerOut of school youngsters at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross learned about stranger danger and essential road safety when they were visited by the local community police officer.

Community Officer Clive Rainbow visited the school Here is the follow up photo of Community Officer when he was invited to came

out on Monday 12th Oct, Officer Clive Rainbow came out to visit the out of  school children to ensure that they were well aware of the risks of talking to strangers, and well versed in road safety.

Anita Shepherd, manager at the site, said: “This was a really informative visit. With so many of our club children walking alongside the local roads we wanted to ensure that they thoroughly understood how to keep themselves safe, and to reiterate the dangers of talking to strangers.

“We wanted to make sure the children had a chance to see police officers as approachable people there to help, rather than being afraid.  All of the children had a fantastic time – not least because they got the chance to sit in a patrol car!”

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