Bright Kids Happy Ending for the Big Bad Wolf

Bright Kids Happy Ending for the wolf 003 What a joyful time our children had today at Bright Kids. The children worked really hard to produce the props for the play and helped to re-write the ending of the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs.

The children decided that they wanted to have a happy ending and help the Wolf and the Pigs to become friends.  The children thought about their own feelings and friendships and with this mind, they agreed to invite the Big Bad Wolf to join them for a bowl of vegetable soup.

Bright Kids Happy Ending for the wolf 001 We had a wonderful reception from our children’s families, the children were delighted and performed really well, they had nice clear voices and remembered their roles. We are very proud of how well all the children did and how confident they were.

Bright Kids Happy Ending for the wolf 005


Our Three Little Pigs


Mommy Pig — Tabitha
Little Pig 1 — Jaijai
Little Pig 2 — Zhane
Little Pig 3 — Rowan
Wolf — Shalo

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