Bright Kids Crabbs Cross preparing for the Solar Eclipse

Children and staff at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross will advance their space-themed projects this week when they enjoy the Solar Eclipse.

Youngsters at the Evesham Road nursery have spent the last few weeks learning all about the planets, reading space-themed books and making space-ships and rockets, and manager Anita Shepherd said that the historic event would be a great conclusion to the project.

The Eclipse takes place this Friday, and the children will be making simple viewers that enable them to stand facing away from the sun and take part safely in the experience.

Anita added: “The children have really enjoyed the space project over the past few weeks and we thought that this session, which starts at 8.30am, would be a really exciting conclusion to it, while enabling the children to take part in a really memorable event.”

As part of the activities, the children will learn new languages and make shadow puppets.


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