Baby sensory at Bright Kids Northfield

Northfield1Babies at Bright Kids Northfield have been taking part in sensory play to help them explore the world with their five senses.

As they grow, children’s sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch become more pronounced, something the nursery is keen to help develop from an early age.

By holding sessions packed with specially designed activities to help babies hone their senses, the nursery hopes to provide opportunities to help children develop and succeed. Sensory days are packed with sounds, textures, smells and colours to provide as much stimulation as possible.

Northfield 3
Parents are being encouraged to continue the sensory education at home, on holiday and even in the supermarket by encouraging youngsters to smell and touch fruits and familiarise themselves with different textures.

Photos of these activities can be added to children’s learning journals to help the team continue their development.

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