Action Packed Fun for Half Term

Sports stars will be created at a holiday club next week when children get the chance to put their fitness skills into action at a Bright Kids nursery. Youngsters at the Crabbs Cross setting will be able to enjoy a range of exciting activities and day trips based around the theme of sports. Possible activities planned for the week include a bowling competition at Rubery Bowling, a football match and a trip to Imagination Street to have a go at trampolining – parents should contact the nursery to find out which activities will be going ahead. Youngsters will also be combining their art and craft skills with their IT expertise to design and make certificates on the computer.

Other activities include designing a racing car and helmet, and putting those designs on a white T-shirt. They will even be eating healthily and giving their cooking skills a boost by making smoothies and fruit salads. Anita Shepherd, manager at the nursery, said they have themed the week around sports in a bid to get children to try the activities that they often only play on their games consoles. “We know a lot of children play sports on their games consoles, but often don’t get a chance to try those sports in real life,” she said. “During the half term week we want them to try different sports and see what it is really like to do them, rather then just play them on their X-Box or Playstations.”

Anita added: “We will be making visits to various places in the area as well as local sports fields where the children can enjoy the Krypton Zone areas, which will help give their agility a boost.” School holidays can be difficult for busy parents, so the Crabbs Cross holiday club is the perfect solution for children aged 4-11 years. Dates range from February 20th to 24th and also cover teaching training days. The sports week costs from just £25 for the day or £115 for the whole week, with a hot lunch costing £2.50 per day or £12.50 for the week. More information and a booking form can be found on the Bright Kids website.

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