Earthquake victims get help from Crabbs Cross

Nepal 2Children at Bright Kids Crabbs Cross put their best foot forward to help youngsters in Nepal who were affected by the massive earthquake. The children took part in a sponsored walk and the money they raised helped towards buying stationary, clothing and books for students at a school in a village near Kathmandu.

The youngsters were inspired to raise the money as the father of one of their holiday club friends came from the village, called Thulo Bharky, which is in the Langtang National Park in Rasuwa district. This area was affected by the earthquake that devastated the country in April and Gumbo Tamang, who’s eight-year-old son William attends Bright Kids Holiday Club, decided to return to help rebuild the village. Mr Tamang’s parents, sister-in-law and her children still live there.

Nepal 3Anita Shepherd, manager at the Evesham Road nursery, said that her husband Christopher also flew out with Mr Tamang to help restore the village and meet it’s people. “While giving his support to those trying to rebuild their homes, Christopher went to The Good Day School of Korea, in the village of Thulo Barkhu, to see the children and teachers,” said Anita.

“From the money we helped to raise doing the sponsored walk each child received two exercise books, pens and colouring pencils, with stationary left over for the future. The teachers received pens and wipe board markers.

“Mr Tamang’s sister-in-law and her two children had to flee their house after it collapsed around them, and we were keen to do anything we could to help him support his family and neighbours. We also raised enough money to buy clothes for children at the school who were in need.”

Nepal 1The earthquake was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934, flattening villages and leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Further destruction was caused by the aftershocks, and Gumbo Tamang said the people in his village are still working on the rebuilding process.

“The Primary purpose of our trip to Nepal was to distribute over £5,000 that had been raised to where it is needed most,” he said.

“In the aftermath of the earthquake, which destroyed my village, we assisted with the cleanup process and began to offer advice on how best to rebuild the village . I was pleased to support my family and fellow villagers in rebuilding their lives.”

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