Christmas crafts at Northfield

Children at Bright Kids Northfield have been embracing the Christmas spirit with a festive craft workshop at the nursery.

Plenty of parents also attended the fun event, painting Christmas pictures, decorating candles and salt dough and making angels to celebrate.

We’re delighted that so many parents took the time to join us and we’ll be holding more workshops in the new year to encourage them to take part!

Four-year-old Oscar and his dad, and three-year-old Tyreiss with his mum

Oscar 4 with daddy, Tyreiss and mommy

Tyreese, aged two, with his mum

Tyreese 2 with mommy

Three-year-old Maisie with her mummy and Eva Lilly, and three year of Niamh with her mum

Maisie 3 with mommy and Eva lilly, Niamh 3 and mommy

Ethan and Noah, three, with mum

Etahn and Noah 3 with mommy (1)

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